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Enthral and entertain your group with a talk by Sue. She is an inspirational and experienced professional speaker who is happy to travel to all parts of the country to be with your group.

Her talks are attractive to a wide range of community organisations such as WI, Inner Wheel, Rotary, Probus, Tangent, TWG, RNLI, and also to sailing and other water based sports clubs, reading groups, bookshops, conferences and training courses.

To book your talk please contact Sue direct


Hidden Depths: Women of the RNLI

This is an exciting opportunity for your group to find out how women have always been at the heart of the RNLI and its work of saving lives at sea.Sue’s talk will transport you to all parts of our coastline and introduce you to many different fascinating women. Expect tales of courage and endurance; enterprise, imagination, loyalty, commitment and immense generosity. Be prepared to shed a tear…but also to laugh out loud!

With her first hand knowledge and personal experience of the extraordinary achievements, past and present, of many “lifeboat ladies”, Sue will help you understand more clearly why she has titled her book Hidden Depths: Women of the RNLI.

To bring the stories to life the talks include a Powerpoint slide presentation of pictures from within the book.


Beyond Dreaming – Teaching Madiba’s Children

Inspired by the great Nelson Mandela, Sue went as a volunteer teacher to South Africa.

In this talk you can share her time working in two very different schools, her life as a lodger in a convent and the legacy of this profound and life changing experience – the work she now does to help educate orphans in South Africa.

Guest-Speaker-Trekking-the-Lang-Tang-Valley-Nepal by-Sue-Hennessy

Bistari… Bistari… Trekking the Lang Tang Valley Nepal

High in the Himalayas lies the Lang Tang Valley – it is a place of great beauty. Following her lifetime ambition to walk on the “roof of the world”, Sue trekked up the Lang Tang Valley in 2011.

In her fully illustrated Powerpoint talk, walk with her in these awe inspiring snow covered mountains, find out how the resourceful people of Lang Tang make a living in such a harsh environment and enjoy the fun and challenges of the trek.

Guest-Speaker-Walking-The-Great-Wall-of-China by-Sue-Hennessy

Walking The Great Wall of China

Ever wanted to walk along this wonderful wall? Well, Sue did and so she jumped at the chance to trek a stretch of the Great Wall to raise funds for the Suzy Lamplugh Trust in 2003.

Her talk, illustrated with a Powerpoint slide presentation of the pictures she took, will transport you to the landscapes of rural China and  demonstrate the phenomenal and very varied structure of the Wall. Not least, she will share the fun and challenges of the trek.


Enid Blyton: Love her or loathe her?

Many of us grew up reading Enid Blyton but she is unquestionably a controversial figure with those who love her and those who feel quite the opposite.

This talk follows the story of Enid’s life, explores the reasons for such controversial opinions and with more than a little nostalgia recalls some of her characters and stories. Not forgotten is her special association with Dorset and how important a part some of the county’s major landmarks play in her books.

This talk is fully illustrated with Powerpoint. It’s nostalgic, thought provoking …and fun!